Product Information

Updates: 2/20/2010

A job description discussion board has been added to the toolkit - this board will provide a good starting place when trying to determine how a client may have been exposed to asbestos based on their job description. I welcome any one who wants to add to this repository of information but please be aware that the boards will be monitored and post can be removed or edited for content deemed inappropriate.

Also the Dates sections are available -more information regarding past deadlines will be added soon. 

Finally the products section is just beginning to take shape. Currently I am starting with a discussion format for presenting information on companies and the products they manufactured/distributed. It is required that products submitted have source information referenced if not the post will be locked and/or removed. This format is currently a trial and is subject to change. 

Thanks for checking in and keep checking back for more updates!


Recent Updates 

I have begun adding approved worksite lists to the toolkit today, currently there are 4 lists available. When looking for an approved worksite it is best to use the search function in the upper right hand corner of the spreadsheet. The approved worksite codes currently read as actual numbers with commas separating the values, please be sure to remove those commas when using the codes in a claim submission.

More to come.


Welcome to the Asbestos Toolkit

This website is to serve as a helpful resource for those who file asbestos claims online. The Asbestos Toolkit will attempt to centralize and update the many resources provided by various trusts, as well as provide tools and tips necessary to file an administrative claim. 

Currently the site is in development making information and content subject to change. Please feel free to use this site while in development with the chance of change in mind. If you have any questions feel free to contact me via the links provided.